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On 3/27/24 I will be joining the Buzz'd Hair Cutting Co. team!

I'll be behind the chair Wednesday - Saturday from 10:00am to 6:00pm.

They've all done an incredible job creating an amazing enviornment. I'm grateful to have the chance to work in that space.

Thank you for supporting me on my hair/life journey for the past 8 years!

I'm currently available to book for hair cuts and will be adding color services in April. 

I'm excited for everyone to come see this shop!!!


If you need to reach me directly:


-Amy Mumford








We're different. On purpose. In June 2016, Dial H for Hair was created to give our community something different. We wanted to create a space with an aesthetic this area didn't have. We give you something comfy, relaxed and incredibly welcoming - like a living room but tacky.  But mainly we give an inclusive safe space where you don't have to be anything but yourself - even if it's only for the time you're in the shop. 

We welcome all sexualities, genders, ages and races.

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