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The amazing supporters of Dial H for Hair,


Dial H Salon has the most incredible and supportive clients. 

Helping build and spread the name of the salon. Being there during this past year’s cancer messiness in a way I could never even begin to express enough gratitude for. Helping create a space space for the LGBTQ+ community. Giving opportunities to do volunteer work with so many local organizations. The list goes on and on. 


I’ve made the decision to close Dial H. It’s the best move for me. It isn’t a choice that I have made lightly.  

But…..that doesn’t mean I’m quitting hair. 

I’ll be working out of Ulta in Corvallis. I have always said that if I wasn’t doing Dial H- that’s where I would go. Who can pass up PTO and health benefits?!?! That’ll be a new experience for sure. 


My fears were: 

Will they respect my pronouns? Will I be judged? Will I feel safe there? 

And the answers are: 

*Yes for the pronouns- other LGBTQ+ people work there!!!! Employee pronouns are written on name tags!

*Nope- there are other LGBTQ+ employees!!

*Yes- I do feel  safe there!!!!


I’ve said I would make sure that Dial H will be a place of integrity and support. That values would never be compromised. 

I genuinely feel that I am holding these things true. The music won’t be as good, but that’ll be tolerable-ish.  


I’m approaching this as a way to educate others. Expose people to a world they might not be familiar with.


I’d love for you to make this move with me. I’d miss you all too much if I couldn’t see everyone again!! So many stories and tears have been shared here. 


I’m offering services for my remaining days at 50% off as a way to thank you for the support. This will be through the 4th of July. 

After that appointments can be made at or by calling 541.758.2004


Side note- 1. Anyone with short hair (pixie, etc.) or clipper cut- pick the clipper cut option. 2. You have my word that I will make sure I can offer privacy to clients that have asked for or needed in the past. 3. I’m still going to work with people regarding 1st transition hair cuts.


Thank you for the past 7 years.


Dial H for Hair

Amy Mumford (they/she)


541.758.2004 - appointment 

1550 NW 9th St./ Corvallis Or. / 97330





We're different. On purpose. In June 2016, Dial H for Hair was created to give our community something different. We wanted to create a space with an aesthetic this area didn't have. We give you something comfy, relaxed and incredibly welcoming - like a living room but tacky.  But mainly we give an inclusive safe space where you don't have to be anything but yourself - even if it's only for the time you're in the shop. 

We welcome all sexualities, genders, ages and races.



I've been so happy with Ulta these last 5 months. Incredible things have happened since I've been there.

1) The Corvallis Ulta is now the first store in the entire company to be recognized as a safe salon space through the Strands for Trans organization! This is huge. 

2) Steps are starting to be taken to add an "affirming haircut" on the official booking menu! This is super huge.

Thank you for all the support. I've loved being able to see all my clients in my new space. 

I am so grateful for everyone and everything.



Dial H has been involved with numerous community based organizations/movements/at risk communities. If you're interested in working with the salon.... Great! Show up for others! Be of service! Email Amy at:

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